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11 11  [[Full list of issues fixed and Dashboard for 5.3>>]].
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13 -== <feature N> ==
13 +== Solr Search Improvements ==
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15 -<description of feature N>
15 +=== Search Results Display ===
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17 +We improved the way attachments, objects and object properties are displayed in the list of search results.
18 +
19 +{{image reference="searchAttachmentSort.png"/}}
20 +
21 +Attachment search results are now displayed in the same way attacments are displayed in the Attachments bottom tab from any wiki page. We also added support for sorting attachment search results based on the file name, file size, uploader and upload date.
22 +
23 +{{image reference="searchObjectResult.png"/}}
24 +
25 +For object results we now display the XClass name instead of the document title.
26 +
27 +{{image reference="searchObjectPropertyResult.png"/}}
28 +
29 +Object property results show the XClass name and the property name instead of the document title.
30 +
31 +=== Search Facets ===
32 +
33 +The display of some of the search facets has been improved. The Author and Creator facets now show the user full name, alias and avatar.
34 +
35 +{{image reference="search-userFacet.png"/}}
36 +
37 +The wiki facet displays the wiki pretty name instead of the wiki identifier.
38 +
39 +{{image reference="search-wikiFacet.png"/}}
40 +
41 +The language facet displays the full language name and country (when applicable) in the current locale.
42 +
43 +{{image reference="search-languageFacet.png"/}}
44 +
45 +The number of displayed facet values is limited to 5 by default but you can see the rest of the values by clicking on the link following the facet values (each click will show 5 more values).
46 +
47 +The date facets (last modification date and creation date) have been improved to display a list of predefined date intervals, with the possibility to specify a custom date interval.
48 +
49 +{{image reference="search-dateFacet.png"/}}
50 +
51 +When selected, the date facet displays the end points of the date interval. If you specify only the start/end date then the interval will include all dates after/before the specified date.
52 +
53 +{{image reference="search-dateFacet-selected.png"/}}
54 +
55 +=== RSS Feed ===
56 +
57 +We added a RSS feed for Solr search results. You can find the link on the default search page after the list of results. The feed provides the most recent results that match the current search query and filters. It contains the same type of information that was included in the Lucene search RSS feed.
58 +
59 +See the [[Solr Search Application documentation>>extensions:Extension.Solr Search Application]] for details.
60 +
61 +{{include reference="ReleaseNotesXWiki53M2" section="HWikiStreamimprovements"/}}
62 +
63 +=== Import large XARs ===
64 +
65 +It's possible to enable the use of new [[WikiStream>>doc:extensions:Extension.Wiki Stream Module]] framework in standard import action (used in the standard import UI for example). Among other things it allows importing a wiki XAR of pretty much any size.
66 +
67 +[[WikiStream>>doc:extensions:Extension.Wiki Stream Module]] is too young to be enabled by default and will require heavy testing. In the meantime you can try it by uncommenting {{code}}#xwiki.action.import.xar.usewikistream=1{{/code}} at the end of xwiki.cfg file.
68 +
69 +{{include reference="ReleaseNotesXWiki53M2" section="HNewSyntaxGuide"/}}
70 +
71 +{{include reference="ReleaseNotesXWiki53M2" section="HMulti-Wiki"/}}
72 +
17 17  == Miscellaneous ==
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19 -<insert misc user stuff and important bug fix descriptions here in a list, when they are too small to warrant a section by themselves - Change the version in the URL below!>
75 +Changes regarding the multi-wiki support:
20 20  
77 +* When creating an empty wiki you now get the Distribution Wizard even when ##ALLINONE## upgrade is selected (this used to disable the Distribution Wizard on subwikis)
78 +* When a new wiki is created from the Add Wiki Wizard, its Activity Stream is now empty.
79 +* If you want to change the wiki owner or the prettyname of the wiki, you cannot go to the "Wiki" section of the Wiki Administration anymore since it's been removed for the moment due to some technical issue. Instead, go to the Wiki Index and then click on the "edit" action corresponding to the wiki for which to update the settings.
80 +* Deleted users do not appear anymore in the "Top Active Members" list in the wiki dashboard.
81 +
82 +Other changes:
83 +
84 +* The Statistics Application now has an entry point in the Applications Panel (only visible by Admins by default):(((
85 +{{image reference="ReleaseNotesXWiki53M2@statsentry.png"/}}
86 +)))
87 +* The Scheduler Application now has an entry point in the Applications Panel (only visible by Admins by default):(((
88 +{{image reference="ReleaseNotesXWiki53M2@schedulerentry.png"/}}
89 +)))
90 +* We're now officially not supporting saving Servlet Session in URL (a.k.a URL Rewriting). This means that if you want to remain logged on in XWiki you need to enable cookies (See why ##jsessionid## are considered harmful [[here>>]] and [[here>>]]).
91 +* By default only results from XE instance pings and for non-snapshot versions are counted in [[Active Installs>>extensions:Extension.Active Installs Server Application]].
92 +* Added new configuration parameter for the Link Checker: ##rendering.transformation.linkchecker.excludedReferencePatterns## (See [[Reference documentation>>extensions:Extension.Link Checker Transformation]]).
93 +* Some XSS fixes.
94 +
21 21  See the [[full list of JIRA issues>>]] fixed in this release.
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23 23  = For Developers =

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